Digital Shamans!

img-StressEver find yourself struggling with your digital life.

  • It’s hard to find the email you are looking for,
  • your Mac is cluttered and inefficient,
  • you’ve got too many photos on your iOS device,
  • your iPad battery drains quickly and/or…
  • You’re supposed to use social media for business but find it overwhelming?

We can help!

Whether you want to learn more about your Mac, iPad, and iPhone or need a helping hand to declutter your digital environment so you can get back to doing the things you love and handling your day-to-day business, we have what it takes to serve your needs.

With our In-Person 1-on-1 or Live Video Chat Support we can help you organize your digital life to better serve you!

Our Services

img-OrganizingDigitalLifeOrganizing Your Digital Life

  • iOS & Mac OS X User Support
  • How-To’s & Tutorials
  • Upgrades & Updates
  • Configuration & Performance
  • File Storage & Organization
  • Photos & Videos
  • Music & Media

img-OrganizingSocialMediaSocial Media Life

  • How-To’s & Tutorials on using Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for personal use and more!
  • Customizing Your Profile Pages
  • How to Manage Friends, Followers & Friend Requests
  • How to Manage your Posts
  • Update Security Settings
  • What’s Public & What’s Private?

img-SocialMedia4BizSocial Media for Business

  • How to use Social Media in Business
  • How-To’s & Tutorials on using Social Media for business use!
  • Customizing Your Brand Pages
  • Social Media Management & Marketing Tools & Techniques



Our Service Fees

  • In-Person 1-on-1 Support – $75 for 1st hour, $50 each additional hour.
  • Live Video Chat Support (Requires Skype or FaceTime) – $50/hr.

Contact us for a Free Consult or Schedule an Appointment today!

For a Free Consult, contact us at:

Call us at: (541) 255-2213
or email us at:

We look forward to assisting you with your digital needs!

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